Applied Insights has ventured into the world of YouTube! I know I’m a bit late to the game perhaps but increasingly I’ve found that short form videos are a good way to engage with a potential audience. I am going to draw the line at TikTok though! 

The first piece of content is a playlist of 6 – 7 minute videos that explore what is involved in developing a really offensive Data and Analytics strategy. The videos cover the following topics:

Part 1: What do I mean by a ‘Really Offensive’ Data & Analytics Strategy?

Part 2: Focussing on the Last Mile – the shift to Decision Intelligence

Part 3: Designing Analytics Products

Part 4: Understanding and defining the Value

Part 5: Building Data and Analytics Products

Part 6: Creating robust Value Management, Delivery and Tracking processes

Part 7: Post Launch: Change Management and Value Tracking

 Go on – become a subscriber – you know you what to! Enjoy!