Outcomes from Data

At Applied Insights we’re value led in our thinking and approach, helping organisations to focus on outcomes in order to succeed in their data and analytics initiatives




The Last Mile

The challenge that remains for many organisations is how to deliver real business value from their data and analytics investments, particularly completing the “last mile” of turning insights into actions and understanding the outcomes

This requires a shift in emphasis and priorities from:

  • “Defensive” Data Strategies to  “Offensive” Data Strategies
  • Data Management Processes to Value Creation Processes
  • A Cost Focus to a Value Focus
  • Business Intelligence to Decision Intelligence

Helping organisations to complete that “Last Mile”

Analytics Strategy & Transformation

Developing your data and analytics strategy to put the right blend of people, processes and technology in place to realise the potential of your data and analytics capabilities.

Solution Design & Delivery

Taking a design thinking, user-centric and agile approach to the development of data and analytics products and solutions.

Insight Generation & Storytelling

Working with stakeholders and your data and analytics teams to generate strategic insights delivered with a compelling narrative.

Analytics Talent Management

Putting in place strategies to acquire, nurture and retain your most import asset… your people

Thoughts from Applied Insights

A series of blogs, articles and videos exploring topics such as Decision Intelligence, Analytics Strategy Development, Building Analytics Products and more

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Welcome to the Applied Insights YouTube channel, where we share insights, tips, and strategies to help you succeed in your data and analytics initiatives.

About Us

Neil Mason – Principal Consultant

Neil is an experienced CDAO level analytics professional who is focussed on delivering real business value for organisations from their investments in data, analytics, technologies and people.

Over the course of his career, working in and consulting with numerous organisations, he’s built up significant experience and experitise across a number of different commercial environments and is able to help business’s translate their business strategy into their data and analytics strategy to drive real beneficial outcomes.

In addition to his strategic mindset and perspective, Neil also has a broad range of technical and practical expertise in analytics across the digital and customer domains in particular, predictive analytics and modelling, and also quantitative qualitative customer research.

A network of expertise across the data, analytics and AI eco-system

Our philosophy is that in today’s fast moving technological landscape, no one has all the answers. That is why we operate with an eco-system of specialist partners and associates which means that we can bring the best expertise and thought leadership across a range of challenges and domains


Specialists in Analytics, Data Mining, Statistics, Predictive Analytics, Data Science

Data & AI portfolio management

Manage the end-to-end product lifecycle of data, analytics and AI assets & initiatives

Customer Insights and Analytics

Strategic customer insights and analytics research consultancy with a unique approach to integrating behavioural and attitudinal data

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